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Hi, I’m Cian O'Connor, founder and chairman of the Global Betting Network (GBN).

Over the past three years our organization has rapidly expanded from offices in just two locations in Ireland to offices in 52 cities in 6 continents!

This is a global takeover of the betting industry.

And our rapid global expansion simply couldn’t have been possible if not for the success of our 3,000+ members;

And now is your chance to access the exact same bets that generate thousands of pounds every single week!

And when you’re making an extra £13,000+ each and every month,
all of your current problems will quickly disappear.

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Because ALL of your stresses and worries will very soon be a thing of the past.

So rather than sitting in rush hour traffic, inching your way towards the job you hate, how would you like to be cruising around the sunny mountains of northern Spain in your new Range Rover Sport?

And rather than scrimping and saving just to put food on the table, how would you like to be splashing out on gifts for your family and then eating in nice restaurants for every meal?

And rather than working extra shifts and slowly chipping away at your credit card debt, how would you like to be jetting off to the Maldives for the vacation of a lifetime?

When you’re on the GBN payroll, all of that is possible and more!

You could even spend your whole life on vacation as you’ll be making money remotely from less than 10 minutes ‘work’ each day.

And making money couldn’t be easier!

When you join the Global Betting Network, you’ll see that absolutely everything has been taken care of for you. We’ll tell you EXACTLY how to bet so you can start making money in minutes.

Today, the Global Betting Network is one of the most high-earning, trustworthy and consistently profitable betting services in existence. And that's because we've worked harder than anyone else to get to where we are now.

Here's how our customers describe us in just three words;

We are NOT some back bedroom tipster or a conman trying to sell you a betting system that doesn’t work.

We are a global network of betting professionals who work round-the-clock in pretty much every time zone to bring you the best bets each and every day.

And we have no affiliation with or sponsorship from any multimillion dollar corporations. In fact, our organization comes from very humble beginnings.

I, myself, come from a working class family in Dublin where I was the youngest of five brothers.

We didn’t have much by way of luxuries when I was growing up; hand-me-downs get more than a little thin and thread-bare when you’re the fifth one to wear them!

My old dad worked long hours to put food on the table and my mum had the unfortunate job of keeping us check.

But while my dad worked in mining and brothers, one by one, seemed to follow in his stead, I only ever had one dream - to work in horse racing.

As a kid, my uncle Derrick was my idol. He owned a successful stables and was always at the race track. When he walked in, he owned the place. Everyone wanted to shake his hand, the ladies seemed to love him and when it came to betting, lady luck was certainly on his side.

Uncle Derrick took me under his wing. I’d help out at the stables after school and, as soon as I was old enough, he introduced me to the world of betting. He taught me how to assess the track and the lineup; how to play the odds and HOW TO WIN.

He was with me on my eighteenth birthday when I placed my first bet. And then he took me to the pub straight after to spend my winnings on my first legal pint.

Over the years, working and betting with Uncle Derrick, I was rubbing shoulders with many of the big names in horse racing and meeting professional punters from all over the world!

Before long I was in daily contact with pro punters from every corner of the globe. We’d discuss our strategies for upcoming races and exchange tips and insider info.

I was instant messaging with contacts in eight different time zones. So it didn’t matter what the time was, day or night, there would always be someone awake and eager to talk about horse racing.

Then one day, at the end of a particularly lucrative week where I’d made just over £5,000 from betting, an idea came to me – to create a global network of betting professionals.

And thus the Global Betting Network was born.

We started small, my uncle and I manning the flagship office in Dublin with his brother Terry heading up the first UK office in London. Shortly after, my good friend Amir opened our first office in Dubai. Dave, a former trainer from the UK, opened an office in Hong Kong and my cousin Linda took our organization as far afield as Sydney, Australia!

From there our success grew and we expanded further and further…

Today, three years on, we have offices in 45 countries including Ireland, the UK, the USA, Australia, Japan, the UAE, China, Brazil, New Zealand, India, Chile and more. And our online following is growing by the second.

We’re logged on all day, every day, from one of our many time zones. Always watching, always analysing, always looking for loose lips and hot tips.

Our betting experts include current and retired jockeys, trainers, owners, lifelong punters and even former bookmakers! We’re aged from 22 to 78 and from every socioeconomic background, with one thing that unites us; a great love of horse racing.

And we’re in constant discussion, all day, every day, with one common goal – to agree upon bullet-proof betting selections.

Debate can get a little heated as the eleventh hour nears each day, but no matter what, we ALWAYS unanimously agree our daily picks before they’re sent to you.

And before we hit that [SEND] button, our selections go through one final verification process. And that is final step is a state-of-the-art betting system with a complex algorithm that analyses our picks and uses historical race data and other vital statistics to ensure the validity of our selections. And the end result is tips with an 82% strike rate!

And once we have those final verified selections, we send them to you!


We are a global network of betting experts.
We’re comprised of horse racing insiders, professional punters and former bookmakers.
We have offices in 52 cities of 45 countries in 6 continents.
We work around the clock in 13 different time zones to stay ahead of the game.
Our experts compare their picks with up-to-the-minute industry news and insider info.
Our final selections are agreed upon unanimously before the day’s races.
Finally, our selections are run through a sophisticated betting system for verification.
After verification, our final picks have a strike rate of 82%.
Lastly, those selections are emailed to you, so you can get those winning bets placed!
Here’s why our expert tipsters chose to join
The Global Betting Network

(Identities have been protected for legal reasons)

And now is your chance to join the global network that is taking the betting world by storm…

Our existing members are banking more than £13,000 every single month from horse racing and now you can get a piece of that action.

From today, for a one-off payment of just £29.99, you can become a life time member for the Global Betting Network.

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our organisation is working with trusted internet retailer ClickBank for your peace of mind. So when you sign up today your one-time purchase will be protected by a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

So if you’re not happy with our service 60 days from now, you can relinquish your membership to the Global Betting Network and get a full refund.


And here’s a quick reminder of what you’re getting…


Daily horse racing tips via email
Pay just once and receive tips indefinitely
Become a part of a global network of tipsters and punters
Access to excellent customer support, 7-days per week
Take home a minimum of £3,000 every single week in betting profits!
Currently we have space for just 50 new members and so if you’d like to join the world’s only multinational betting group and make A LOT of money in the process then you need to sign up right now as those 50 places will sell out FAST.

When you’re a GBN member, you can place bets with ease as our team does ALL of the analysis and strategizing for you. You need to do nothing more than check your emails each morning and then place those bets as advised.

Absolutely ANYONE can make money with this service.

And if you have any questions along the way, a member of our team will be on hand to help you.
Today is the start of your money making journey.

So you can forget about money worries and losing bets because from today it’s WIN, WIN,WIN!

And when you're making more than £160,000 each year from horse racing, you can finally live the life you've always dreamed of.

Travel, shopping, fine dining, a new car… a new house!

When you’re a member of the Global Betting Network, absolutely anything is possible.

So what are you waiting for?

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Don’t put this off for another second. The life you’ve always wanted is finally within your grasp so take action and join The Global Betting Network right now.

Remember, spaces are selling out fast!

Welcome to the club,

Cian O'Connor.

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Sign Up NOW for Just £29.99
(and no repeat payments!)
Payment taken securely via credit card or PayPal
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